अभिनवऔरप्रयोगोंशिक्षकोंद्वाराकिया(महीने के अंतिम कार्यदिवसकेरूपमें________________परअद्यतित)



Innovation and Experimentation

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Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realised or not

Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.


Revision Track Copy for doing Revision which should have the TARGET %age written on it in BOLD

Class X


- Students revise in a planned manner

-    Students keep a track of their revision

-   Students learn the importance of planning and setting targets and then achieving them.

-It is found that students develop sincerity when they plan

-  Students learn to analyse themselves

-  It is found that some of them learn some remedial strategies for themselves

Mr.Sunil Masih,

TGT (Eng.)


Presentation on LASERS using ICT tools.

Class X


-          Students learn to present their ideas boldly

-          Students learn to use the computer technology as a tool to communicate their ideas

-          Students learn to express themselves in a formal atmosphere

-          Students enthusiastically participated and made wonderful presentations

-          Some of the students overcame their hesitation in speaking in front of a large gathering.

Mr.Sunil Masih,

TGT (Eng.)