The school has a unit of Scouts & Guides which function under the Regional guidance.
Enrolment position
Cubs & Bulbuls- 20
Scouts & Guides- 80
Activities undertaken by the unit:-
1. Annual Week-end Camp
2. Independence Day and Republic Day Parades.
3. Rallies on ban on polythene bags, tobacco use, AIDS Control, Deforestation, and other Communal Development Projects.
4. Hiking.
5. Trekking
6. Competition on essay writing, Quiz, Drawing etc.
7. Flag Day Celebration
8. Thinking Day Celebration.
10. Occasional Local Service Camp.

Governors Award:-
1. Lokendra Rawat
2. Tutan Nama

26 students passed the Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp.

Coordinator:- Sh D Chakraborty HWB
District Commissioner