Principal Message


Education is the life changing and life giving dynamic process.K V ONGC has acheived this feat,thanks to the hundreds of its alumni shining all over the world.



I am happy to head this institution which  moulds the life of young minds, gives shapes to their passion and finally gives wings to all the  metamorphed students to fly into the  colourful world.



I am fortunate to have you as a well wisher,a supporter  as a parent .With you  and the dedicated effort of teachers we can reach newer heights.



We have world class students who through their untiring effort and constant  hard work make us feel proud always.



I am  grateful to the Chairman,VMC,other VMC members ,Our Deputy Commissioner,and Assistant Commissioners for their constant support.



While browsing the pages you will have glimpses of various activities and achievenments of this Vidyalaya.